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Shambhavi Singh's '10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak's character has a 'calm demeanour'

IANS | Updated on Friday, May 24, 2024 14:01 PM IST

MUMBAI: Actress Shambhavi Singh, who is set to play the role of Preeti in the upcoming supernatural show '10:29 Ki Aakhri Dastak', has opened up about her character, sharing that she possesses a calm and intelligent demeanour.


Shambhavi describes her character as optimistic and inspiring.

"My character Preeti possesses a calm and intelligent demeanour, contributing significantly to the storyline. Preeti's unwavering optimism and dedication to her family and village are truly inspiring. Her primary goal is to fulfil her father's dreams, regardless of the challenges that may arise," she said.

Expressing excitement about the role, she added: "Portraying Preeti presents a remarkable opportunity for me. Her journey will be filled with unexpected twists and turns, challenging her ideals and resilience. I am confident that viewers will thoroughly enjoy the unique storyline and the surprises it holds in each episode."

The show also stars Rajveer Singh, Aayushi Bhave, and Krip Suri. It promises to deliver spine-chilling suspense and intriguing plot twists.

It will air in June on Star Bharat.


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