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Soma Rathod shares 'wonderful' story of her pet ducks & dogs, pitches for animal welfare

IANS | Updated on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 14:16 PM IST

MUMBAI: Actress Soma Rathod, who plays Amma Ji in the sitcom 'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai', has provided safe haven to two ducks and three dogs, becoming a champion for these animals, sharing how she decided to use social media to raise awareness about animal welfare.

Sharing details on rescuing animals, Soma said: "Since childhood, I have had an unwavering love for animals. I have rescued and nurtured countless creatures, ranging from birds and rabbits to cats and dogs. My father, who was an avid animal enthusiast, played a crucial role in cultivating this passion within me and served as my guiding force."

"After witnessing heartbreaking incidents involving animals, I decided to use social media to raise awareness about animal welfare. As an actor, I recognise our powerful influence, and I firmly believe that we must use our fame to serve a greater purpose. I am committed to using my videos and social media posts to educate and inspire others to get involved in the cause," she said.

Divulging more details about rescued pets, Soma shared: "I live with five wonderful pets, each with a unique story. It all started when I found two distressed ducks locked up in a cage. I felt compelled to rescue them and named them Montu and Lakshmi. I also have three dogs -- Gentle, a Labrador, and Shero, an Indie breed -- adopted from shelters. Sonu, the third dog, came into my life through the kindness of my co-star Charrul Malik (Rusa), who entrusted his care to me when she couldn't care for him."

"These five companions embody love with their unique personalities and behaviours. To ensure Montu and Lakshmi have everything they need, I have created a special pond for them at home, which my son Arjun helps me maintain. Arjun takes great care of all our pets, from their hygiene to taking them for walks. I strongly believe that taking care of animals requires little effort and yields immense rewards," she said.

Soma said that while on the 'Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai' set, she has welcomed stray dogs into her care, treating them as part of her family.

"Over the nine years, these dogs have forged deep bonds with me, and I ensure they have everything they need -- food, water, shelter, and veterinary care," she added.

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