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SPACE India, American Center to launch astronomy & space science workshop series

IANS | Updated on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 14:30 PM IST

NEW DELHI:SPACE India, a space educational organisation, has joined hands with the American Center to launch an astronomy and space science workshop series, it said on Tuesday.

The once-a-month workshop series aims to foster space science and astronomy education at the grassroots level and also marks a significant milestone in the enduring saga of Indo-US relations.

As part of the partnership, SPACE India conducted the inaugural workshop titled "Get Set, Make Hydraulic System for Space Applications" on Monday, at the American Center in New Delhi.

"The profound impact of the workshop was remarkable, with attendees gaining newfound appreciation and respect for the opportunities presented. Their enriched understanding will undoubtedly catalyse further exploration and discovery, opening doors to a world of possibilities previously considered beyond reach," said Sachin Bahmba, Founder and CMD, Space Group.

The two-hour long workshop, tailored exclusively for students aged 13 to 18 and provided free of charge, explored the dynamism projected by the fluid mechanics.

After equipping students with the knowledge, the children then crafted astronomical models inspired by space, driven by foundational principles. Participants unravelled hydraulics' fundamentals, and its applications in space, and navigated through problem-solving challenges.

The workshop also offered hands-on engineering experiences such as constructing a working model of a space-inspired system and exploring real-world applications of hydraulics in space exploration.

"This marks the beginning of an extraordinary journey. It promises to touch the lives of countless individuals, empowering them to explore both themselves and the wondrous realms that lie beyond," said the organisation that aims to roll out the workshop to a larger audience in the near future.


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